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Ricardo Santos

François Cevert, Tyrrell 003, 1972

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This print is representative of the thoughtfulness that Santos puts into his pieces. Always eye-catchingly colored, there is also a second layer subtlety that reveals itself when you get past the initial splashiness. A perfect example of which can be seen here in the usage of focus. Notice how the lines of the car and its components are multiplied, providing a sensation of barely held together speed as Cevert wrangles with the 002’s Ford-Cosworth DFV V8. In juxtaposition, his brightly striped helmet is solitary and set—a representation of the intense focus required to successfully drive an early-‘70s Formula 1 car.

Honoring the driver with a closeup, the identifying details of the Tyrrell are still present. Beyond the matching blue background, there is the section of “Ford” to hint at the propulsion system sitting just behind Cevert, and the sections of the gaping overhead intake and the massive wing embody the era’s ultra-aggressive aesthetics. From the sleek open-wheeled ovoids that led up to it, the ‘70s was a decade that saw form following function in the shape of steroidal scoops, planed surfaces, and aggressive attempts at early aero.


Ships in 5-7 business days from Europe. U.S. and international customers may incur customs/VAT fees.

Limited edition 1 / 100 each. Every copy signed and numbered by the artist, Ricardo Santos
Size 48 x 69 cm / 18.8 x 27.1 in
Print technology Offset print
Paper Fedrigoni Old Mill Bianco 130g/m2
Packaging Rolled in a Tube

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