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Joel Clark

Gulf Art Door Reflection



Porsche pARTs is a collection of 917 ‘art doors’ created by artist: Joel Clark and Porsche replica builders: Kraftwerkz.

The designs are created with vinyl pieces initially drawn out over a photocopy of a computer manipulated image, before being cut and layered onto the three-dimensional surface to produce a glossy and tactile finish. And with this collage-like vinyl work being done by hand, every door produced is a wholly unique piece; each one almost like a split second difference in the camera’s shutter as the reflections stretch and bounce endlessly with the slightest changes in position.

When the exact moment of the 917’s hurtling form reflecting the still world around it is captured in Joel’s highly saturated, pop-art color, the door receives a coat of professionally applied lacquer to provide a deep gloss to the finished sculpture that is easy to care for and keep clean.


Size: 100 cm x 70cm x 30cm / 39.4in x 27.5 in x 11.8in
Made with original specification fiberglass, but with metal rods for added rigidity.
Applied with hand cut vinyl and finally professionally lacquered with clear-coat.

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