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The Outlierman

The Icon Tie



We are proud to announce that we have partnered with atelier The Outlierman to offer a selection of their beautifully-made (and subtly automotive) neckties, which are perfect for blending in at work but will pique the interest of your fellow drivers once they notice a car theme.

The idea of a gentleman driver tracing a spirited line through a mountain pass or lining up on the grid for the first time is a captivating idea that may feel decades old. Truth is, gentlemen drivers haven’t gone anywhere—it’s just hard to find clothing and accessories stylish and elegant enough to wear outside without looking like a billboard.

The Outlierman’s beautiful collection of neckties are a tasteful way to softly signal your love for motoring. Handmade in Italy, the 100% twill silk ties are shipped in creative packaging—in other words, a gift that arrives in its own box.


Fabric: 100% twill silk
Width: 7 cm // 2.75″
Hand Made in Italy

Note: Ships from Italy. U.S. customers may incur Customs & VAT Fees.

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