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Waft 3



WAFT 3 is a luxury book about cars in culture, and culture in cars. It offers moving stories, inspiring talks, and photography with a twist.

This issue shows an incredible look into the bespoke, with features on the McLaren X1 and its own Festival of Speed, plus the new Alfa Romeo Disco Volante in Milan. Other features focus on Italian car designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti, the cult classic Un Homme et une Femme and its ’66 Ford Mustang, and Maria Teresa de Filippis—the first woman in Formula 1. It’s a look at automotive culture that—trust us—you won’t get from the car magazines at your local convenience store.


Ships in 5-7 business days from Europe. U.S. and international customers may incur customs/VAT fees.

English. Hardcover (25×25 centimetre), 256 pages.