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Waft 4



Music was my first love.

When hardcover books tend to focus on the past, and magazines on the present and beyond, WAFT 4 is fresh, contemporary, and fit for anyone’s coffee table—even if your living room is elaborate enough to accommodate cars from your collection. Its high-quality square hardcover format and premium paper, however, are chosen in respect to the 256 impressively written, photographed, and composed pages inside.

One minute, you’re reading about a Jaguar D-Type, the next, the incredible Cadillac Cyclone concept car, and after that, the Mercedes-Benz C111, with interviews, music, and inspiration woven through the narrative. As we alluded to above, it’s not really any one thing that makes WAFT 4 a must-read, but the combination of features that a fitting musical tribute to car culture.


English. Hardcover (25×25 centimetre), 256 pages.

This product ships from Europe. U.S. & International customers may incur customs fee and VAT.