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Waft 5




Eyes on the road, hands upon the wheel.
Great stories, inspiring people, glorious images.
Cars, characters, escapades. Always on the road.

Like the preceding titles, Waft 5 is again a product of high-level photography, storytelling, and of course automobiles harmonizing on the printed page. Of course, WAFT publishes their own things on the medium that is the vastness of the Internet, but that’s not to suggest that print isn’t something all of us love to indulge in, and importantly, support. And that support isn’t hard to muster when it’s something like this. Featuring in-depth and insightful tales of car owners, designers, journalists, and everyone in between, Waft 5 brings a new cast between the covers, including the cusp of modern metal like the McLaren P1 (and the P1 GTR, because no because needed); a portrait of the futurist design legend Syd Mead; the salt of the earth participants in Bonneville Speed Week; the piece of the electric future of supercars that goes by the name of Renault Trezor; a Rolls Royce Wraith and what it means to drive luxuriously and why that’s important and not merely whimsy; and as every list ends: a whole lot more.


English. Hardcover (25×25 centimetre), 256 pages.

This product ships from Europe. U.S. & International customers may incur customs fee and VAT.