UPDATE: Help Find the Stolen Million-mile Porsche 356

We have some terrible news for you, Petrolisti. Our good friend Guy Newmark, owner of the nearly million-mile Porsche 356 we featured recently on our site, has had that same 356 stolen. The Bali Blue 1964 356C was stolen from his garage in San Pedro, California, the night of August 17, and he’s currently searching for the car. If you’re interested in helping the search, here are some unique identifiers about the car. The VIN number is 220286, and the hubcap medallions have had the enamel rubbed off of them, leaving them with a bright bronze finish. The car has very minor tailpipe extensions, has a slight indentation on the left rear fender, and minor rust marking bubbling through the paint just forward of the driver’s door. The car also has a fawn interior and minor rock chipping on the windshield. Mr. Newmark is currently offering a $5,000 reward for the return of the car, and all of us here at Petrolicious hope the car is recovered swiftly and safely.

UPDATE: The car has been found with only under-dash wiring ripped out. Thank you so much for your help and concern.

Photography by Sean Lorentzen