Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Brings Glamour to the Green

The marine layer spread evenly across the 18th hole on Sunday, making for some gorgeous morning light at Pebble Beach. The vintage cars stood still as judges observed every aspect in search of a winner for best in show. Engines started as the car owners put firm pressure on throttles to demonstrate their cars’ good health. Original tool kits were spread on the freshly cut green to demonstrate the automobiles’ heritage. There were even unrestored cars at the event, including a red Miura (featured in the photos we took), which was shipped from Italy and shown to the public for the first time at this event. Unique moments such as like this one are what make this event so interesting.  

As the gentlemen gallivanted with cigars and seersucker suits, many in period-correct clothing from the early 1920s, the ladies sported oversized hats and patterned dresses. Fathers in tweed jackets and pipe in hand pushed babies in vintage carriages. Staring at a blue BMW 507 against the backdrop of the cliffs that lead down to the ocean was a breathtaking view. The morning seemed endless with each car reaching to the highest of pedigrees. The whole scene was classy and tasteful—we loved every second.

Enjoy perusing through the photos below.

Photography by Andrew Schneider