A Search For The Best Vintage Steering Wheels

A good desk should be sturdy, efficiently designed, and attractive. A desk is where all the work is done, and should be the centerpiece of any good office—unless your office is the driver's seat, in which case a good steering wheel is the most important element. The same qualities apply.

A vintage car needs a vintage wheel, but choosing the right one to complement your particular machine is essential. Does your car evoke the brutal single-mindedness of a 288 GTO or an F40? Then perhaps a Momo Monte Carlo, as fitted to either of those mythical beasts, is right for you. Is your elegant, pillar-less coupe or large, dignified sedan in need of a new tiller? We'd recommend a delicate wood-rimmed wheel with beautiful polished steel spokes—a classic Nardi would fit the bill nicely.

Here's a small selection of vintage steering wheels we found browsing eBay—there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from on any given day. There's little else that can transform the character of a car so simply and affordably, and there's certainly no better garage decoration than a few choice steering wheels arranged on a wall.

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Check out the vintage steering wheels up for sale here on eBay.