What is the Greatest Pre-'90 Four-Cylinder Engine Ever?

Photography by Yoav Gilad for Petrolicious

There have been many legendary four cylinders over the hundred-odd years of automotive history. And with the exception of more recent super-exotics, four cylinders have provided the motivation for nearly every type of car from the most plebeian to the most glorified (Ferrari F1 cars, for instance). So we're curious what you think the cream-of-the-crop is? There are no guidelines, it can be a high-strung 1930s racing motor (Offenhauser, anyone?) or a bullet-proof Volvo engine or the 1980s workhorse Toyota 22R, just make sure it's pre-1990!

But please, when answering, let us know why you chose what you chose. And if you want to know which way we're leaning, click here (after commenting of course).

What is the greatest pre-'90 four-cylinder engine ever?