Travel: 1,000 Reasons To Take Part In New Jersey’s Santa Claus Charity Rally

1,000 Reasons To Take Part In New Jersey’s Santa Claus Charity Rally

By Chris Scafario
November 10, 2015

Photography by Mike Mauro and Mike Cashen

This is a typical Saturday morning: my Jaguar E-Type and I are enjoying a spirited ride through suburbia; I wish the drive could last forever, but it’s early and I’m just pulling into “the lot” for to catch up with the best friends a guy could have. Sound familiar?

Today’s turnout makes it easy to reflect back on how far we have come. My buddies and I started High Octane South Jersey as our local Cars & Coffee venue in the spring of 2012. Shortly after, launched, a Facebook page went up, and word began to spread.

This year marks the third anniversary of a tradition we’re proud grew from our fondness for cars: the Santa Claus Rally, and of course you’re invited!

Last year, our Rally brought dozens of classic sports and exotic cars along a fun route to deliver Santa, Frosty and more than 1,000 toys to Deborah Heart & Lung Center, where hundreds of kids and onlookers were on hand to join in the excitement of a huge, literal, toy drive.

As a result of High Octane’s efforts, the Pediatric Staff at Deborah Heart & Lung Center was able to give every child they treated a new toy to keep them company during their hospital stay. What’s more, we provided a stash of Christmas toys for more than 50 local families in need.

This year is shaping up to be another great one, and we would welcome your participation. There are three easy ways you can help:

1. Join the Santa Claus Rally! You can meet us at 8:30am on 12/5 at 60 Fostertown Rd. Medford, NJ.

2. Don’t live near NJ? Visit our Booster Page and order a 2015 Santa Claus Rally T Shirt to support our efforts.

3. Donate a Toy! You can do so any Saturday morning at 550 Fellowship Rd. in Mt Laurel, NJ.

To learn more, you can reach us at highoctanesj[at]gmail[dot]com or ‘Like’ our Facebook page. 



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