Journal: 10 Clips That Will Make Classic Rallycross Your New Favorite Thing

10 Clips That Will Make Classic Rallycross Your New Favorite Thing

By Michael Banovsky
April 29, 2016

Didn’t expect to be spending your weekend watching grainy, choppy YouTube videos, did you? These VHS rips of classic rallycross action from Europe is everything we look for in racing: close action, expert commentary, and a healthy dose of complete chaos.

Rallycross and “Hot Rod” race cars have long been how enthusiast drivers and privateers tackle racing where there’s a mix of gravel, dirt, tarmac…and grass. Run in varied conditions in all sorts of places—you’ll see races held in quarries and on “proper” circuits alike. Even Ford made a promotional film extolling the virtues of taking a car across some yumps—this is classic rallycross at its finest.

Armed with faster, more advanced machines, Rallycross in the ’80s at Brands Hatch is exactly where you want to watch the fastest on-and-off-road machines battle. Four-wheel-drive? Insane horsepower? Of course! Off-road Porsche 911s and Murray Walker thrown in for good measure. The first clip even features a live driver’s interview held during the race.

It’s the Porsche 911 versus the Audi Quattro…only on a rallycross course. The fastest cars have upwards of 600 horsepower, too—the coupés from Stuttgart even wear fiberglass slantnose conversions!

Sometimes, “Hot Rods” and rallycross machines would race together on a varied course—don’t watch these contests if you get excited easily. It’s door-to-door racing at its finest!

Ford heavily promoted motorsport (and still does), but in the UK, it paid special attention to Escort and Capri owners looking for something to do on the weekend. Rallycross starts at about 4 minutes, 40 seconds…

The year? 1977. The formula? “Super Rods”.

This event from 1982, held at Boyd’s Quarry, features a number of different classes and a treacherous-looking course that looks like it was lifted straight from an Xbox.

Want to know what it’s like from behind the wheel? Here’s period footage from Finland showing just that.

Banger racing…tasteful? Not really. Exciting? Just wait until you see the finish.

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Tom DesRochers
Tom DesRochers
8 years ago

Thank you for specifying [Trophee Andros] as the search query. I tried searching with just “Andros” and got stuff about the villain from the Star Fox games.

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson
8 years ago

Happy Friday!
That first one with the Quattros and Porsches is a gas! What I can’t get over is how close the Escorts and Fiestas stay. I would have thought the German cars (especially the Audis) would’ve lapped ’em. And that 4WD Escort! Why didn’t Ford take that idea into Group B competition?

I’ll check out the Andros Trophy as soon as I can. Sounds cool!

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

You betcha . Rallycross used to be hoot . But … Y’all really want to get yer heads spinning ? Check out all the Andros Trophy [ Trophee Andros ] videos . Especially the ones from a couple of years ago before the big tech clampdown when the cars such as Mid Engined AWD 4Wheel Steering Toyota Starlets etc were approaching Group B level insanity on ice .

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