Journal: 11 Powerful Sir Jackie Stewart Quotes To Get You In Gear

11 Powerful Sir Jackie Stewart Quotes To Get You In Gear

By Petrolicious Productions
October 9, 2015

Before Sir Jackie Stewart was a Formula 1 World Champion, he was a shooting champion who took up a family friend’s offer to try his hand at motor racing.

Quick right from the start, few have so revolutionized the sport of motor racing as Stewart, who was a three-time champion as the sport began to modernize and—most importantly—finally become a safer place for drivers.


“I would have been a much more popular World Champion if I always said what people wanted to hear. I might have been dead, but definitely more popular.”


“It is not always possible to be the best, but it is always possible to improve your own performance.”


“We changed in the back of a transporter and Nora Tyrrell did the sandwiches. There were more people in the paddock back then because there were no paddock passes. The recognition then was probably even higher than it is now. There was still a degree of style with the drivers in those days.”

Source: thefabfourblog

“It is only those who have won with integrity and care, over an extended period of time, who have become universally regarded as successful.”


“When I arrived in Grand Prix, racing so-called precautions and safety measures were diabolical.”


“There used to be a lot more familiarity and camaraderie, but on the downside, there were so many people getting killed.”


“Well I think a racing car is something very special, almost in the breed of an animal. Not only is it like an animal it’s also like a woman. It’s very sensitive, it’s very nervous, it’s very highly strung…”


“When you’ve got dyslexia and you find something you’re good at, you put more into it than anyone else; you can’t think the way of the clever folk, so you’re always thinking out of the box.”


“The playboys weren’t the great drivers, the ones who consistently won. At best, they were the number twos. The Caracciolas, Nuvolaris and Fangios were all serious men committed to a goal, perhaps even compulsively, and they were entirely professional in their approach, even then.”


“In one year, I travelled 450,000 miles by air.”


“Cornering is like bringing a woman to climax.”

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5 years ago

François Cevert was a playboy AND a great driver, according by Stewart himself.

Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson(@dandydoug)
6 years ago

You are on young man , please tell us all !!

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
6 years ago

Here’s my favorite straight from the good Sir’s mouth [ yes I took one of his classes back in the day .. worth evert ___ dime and then some ]

” Don’t drive like an irresponsible idiot on public roads especially if you own a hight performance car ! ”

Seriously … the man hates … no .. make that despises fools that speed/race/run traffic signals/ignore traffic signs etc . The question being …. how many of y’all are willing to take that bit of wisdom to heart ? Suffice it to say .. due to either age /wisdom or both .. I have of late . I only wish I had back when he first said that to me ! * 😉

* there was a much longer explanatory sermon that went with that quote that I’d be glad to share if asked