Journal: 12 Formula 1 Drivers Driving Insanely Fast Off The Track

12 Formula 1 Drivers Driving Insanely Fast Off The Track

Michael Banovsky By Michael Banovsky
October 21, 2015

When Formula 1 drivers aren’t in Formula 1 cars, well, interesting things tend to happen. Seen here is a mix of on and off-track exploits, with not-formula cars and road cars.

Whether it’s Ayrton Senna testing rally cars, Fernando Alonso in a hatchback at the Nurburgring, Nigel Mansell in a Ferrari F40, or Sir Stirling Moss in his daily driven electric car, it really is more entertaining to see some of the world’s best drivers when they’re not at work.

Ayrton Senna once tried out two rally cars, and it looked like quite the day out…

One of the many perks of working for Ferrari as a racing driver is that you’re able to enjoy its cars on the “backyard” test track. Here are four of our favorite videos from the company’s YouTube channel.

One of the more entertaining clips here is Alonso’s hot lap of the Nurburgring, scaring everyone else in the car. It’s brilliant.

Yes, Sir Stirling Moss drives a Porsche. OK, so this isn’t insanely fast, but it’s still faster than his Renault Twizy—his current daily driver. So if you’re in London and get passed by an older gentleman in a green electric car, well, be happy it’s Moss zipping past.

Ex-Formula 1, Le Mans, and Can Am pilot Jacky Ickx is perhaps now best-known for his triumphs in the “classic” Paris-Dakar, an event which is now run in South America. This guy is fast everywhere he goes.

If you didn’t know who Nigel Mansell is or what he looks like, you’d be forgiven for wondering why a man with a large moustache and funny hat is able to control the Ferrari F40 with ease. Epic.

OK, so Jenson Button and David Coulthard are racing on a track, just not a Formula 1 course. Button’s father used to compete in mixed surface events, and this is Jenson’s first taste of a high-powered rallycross machine. Looks like he loves it…

Yes, Tiff was a Formula 1 racer, and now—although these days he does arguably more presenting than racing—he’s still capable of going fast enough to scare his fellow racing drivers.

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Cater forall
Cater forall

You miss the brilliant video where François Delecour scares the shit out of Chris Harris on the small roads behind Gap.

Gary Stanford
Gary Stanford

No, Jacky Ickx is best known for winning Le Mans 6 times

thierry Hoff
thierry Hoff

My (not mentioned) favorites:

Damon hill in sl amg, passenger needs to throw up

Augusto Farfus (BMW works driver) takes his wife around the nordschleife

and afcourse max verstappen with his dad at spa

begin: dad to max: do normal this time (after the ride in monaco) or I will hit you ( ;
end: max to dad: so ? dad:not normal, you think this is normal he max: I did go faster with mom

Andy van der Raadt
Andy van der Raadt

If you didn’t know who Nigel Mansell is it’s highly likely you should just discontinue use of this site and go outside.

Victor Garcia da Silva
Victor Garcia da Silva

senna imported audis here to Brazil, and his demonstrations of hot audis was something to see


JB and DC on the rally cross is fantastic video. They are having so much fun!

Stephen Stuart
Stephen Stuart

Missed this one of Ricardo Patrese taking his wife for a spin round Jerez in a Honda Civic:

It’s funny…