Featured: Comparing One Man's Porsches: 1965 vs. 1990

Comparing One Man’s Porsches: 1965 vs. 1990

By Petrolicious Productions
November 14, 2013

After we posted a video a couple of months ago featuring Jeff Zwart and his two very different 911s, many of you had questions and wanted to know more about the technical details of these cars, so we came up with a little breakdown for you about the technical details of each car.

1965 Porsche 911

Engine specs: 1991 cc, 130 HP. Solex Carburetion

Modifications: Completely stock and all-original except one re-paint in the mid-1980s

Drivetrain – AWD system details: Rear drive, 5 speed manual

Suspension: Stock

Wheels: 15 x 4.5 steel

Top speed: 131 MPH

Number of victories: Never raced

Ownership: Jeff Zwart is the fourth owner and has owned this car for three years

Additional details from Jeff Zwart: This is a very nice, original car with only 32,000 original miles. A great deal of attention has been given to keeping it stock and even the ride height has been kept in its original position.

1990 Carrera 4 Rally

Engine specs: 3.8 RSR motor, 300 HP, original fuel injection

Modifications: Lightweight exhaust and a pressurized bell housing to keep the dust out of the clutch

Drivetrain – AWD system details:  Paris Dakar drivetrain from the 953 program. Manual torque split adjustment changing the torque from front to rear and side to side. Paris Dakar Transmission with a 125mph top speed in five gears.

Suspension: Special Koni shocks on the front and rear has custom suspension with shock absorber reservoirs.

Wheels: 16 x 7 with Michelin Rally tires for gravel

Top speed: 125 MPH

Number of victories:  7 overall victories in the US Pro Rally Championship in 1993-1994 and an open class championship at the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb

Ownership: Jeff Zwart is the original owner and has owned the car for its 23 years.

Additional details from Jeff Zwart: The car has a full Kevlar underbody for rock and stone protection. Rally communications and CB radio for service. Most of the rallies were at night so it has PIAA lighting with two spots and 2 floods combining with the factory lighting. This was the first Porsche I drove and won with at the Pikes Peak Hillclimb.

When I raced it at Pikes Peak, Porsche Motorsport provided a single turbo IMSA motor with 550hp for that one event.

Photography Courtesy of Jeff Zwart and by Andrew Schneider for Petrolicious

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10 years ago

Wow, this is seriously exactly what I asked for, no kidding. Pressurized bell housing? I knew I’d learn something amazing, thanks, Petrolicious.

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