Reader Submissions: Once Neglected, A Hopeful Owner Revived A South African Boss 302 Mustang Into His Dream Car

Once Neglected, A Hopeful Owner Revived A South African Boss 302 Mustang Into His Dream Car

By Petrolicious Productions
September 5, 2013

Owner: Rui Esteves

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Year: 1970

Make & Model: Boss 302 Mustang

To Rui Esteves of Cape Town, South Africa, a Boss is the ultimate Mustang, because it was built for racing. Twelve year ago, he saw this car listed in a classified ad, but thought there was no way it could be a real Boss. Nevertheless, he called the seller right away and made an appointment to see the car. He did a lot of research and compiled a checklist.

When he arrived at the seller’s house, the first thing he saw was the car. It was very original and had been very neglected, but the interior was perfect, and there were only 38,000 miles on it. Rui only needed 30 minutes to inspect the car—everything on his checklist confirmed that the car was a legitimate Boss. There was already another potential buyer looking at the car, so Rui had to get assertive and tell the seller he should have the first choice, because he called about the car first. The other buyer turned out to be a serious collector who started throwing big numbers around, but it was too late—by this time, Rui had already shaken hands with the seller. The deal was done, and the Boss belonged to Rui.

With the help of his father, Manuel Esteves, it took ten years to finish the car—Rui has the original engine and gearbox stored safely away. Now he enjoys driving the car on the weekends. His favorite place to take it is through the winelands of the Western Cape and up the west coast where the roads are endless and dead straight.

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Photography by Rui Esteves

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Allen Dumler
6 years ago

South Africa seems to be all about black Mustangs recently…saw this on Speedhunters

Vintage Son
Vintage Son
10 years ago

I’m far from a Mustang fan, but this one is amazing. I’m also a sucker for all original, but having it stored away to put back in is actually a great idea, and I’m glad that even though he modified it, it can always go back to original. Great job on a beautiful car.

Sid Widmer
Sid Widmer
10 years ago

That is quite lovely.

Andreas Lavesson
Andreas Lavesson
10 years ago

While it’s a shame that the car doesn’t have the original drivetrain in it, I totally understand why. I used to be a hardcore “off the assembly line”-guy, but I’m having second thoughts. Mainly because it’s fun to modify even these rare beasts (given they can be reverted to original form) and especially because low mileage matching numbers specimens of these are getting so insanely expensive that you almost don’t dare to drive them anymore.

Andreas Lavesson
Andreas Lavesson
10 years ago

Totally forgot to compliment the car. A black Boss looks absolutely killer and I was completely gobsmacked when I saw one for the first time. Albeit a 429. Very very cool car and while some aftermarket rims totally destroys the looks of old American iron (saw chromed 22 inches on a ’57 Chevy a couple of days ago), these make the car look even more menacing.

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