Reader Submissions: 1972 BMW 2002

1972 BMW 2002

By Petrolicious Productions
October 2, 2013

Owner: Josh Wilson

Location: Savannah, Missouri

Year, Make, Model: 1972 BMW 2002

When Josh Wilson sent us photos of his beloved ‘72 BMW 2002 we just had to share it. Josh had been hunting for the perfect vintage car that could accommodate to his daily needs. Since most classic car enthusiasts start with one classic and one daily driver, said classic car will need to perform above and beyond the common weekender duties. When the mood strikes, the car had better crank over and go the distance. Josh’s Bimmer certainly answers this call considering he uses it extensively during the warmer parts of the year to commute, attend weekend events and explore lost tarmac in the back country.

The BMW 2002 is a relatively affordable, minus the early round-taillight Tii, vintage car with a bullet proof motor and handsome yet playful design language. It can turn even the most average pedestrian’s head around when parked or blazing by on the freeway. Parts are plentiful and there’s even a nationwide vintage racing series built around the iconic chassis.

What Josh, with the help of his father (whom he’d bought the car from), have created is a wonderful blend of old restoration know-how with a modern aesthetic appeal. The ivory white exterior lowered on black wheels are complemented with a black interior accented by a wood grain steering wheel and shift knob. Exhibiting the three C’s (clean, classy and contemporary) delightfully, Josh’s 2002 makes us green with round-tail envy.

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Photograpy by Ricky Shull 

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Kjell Loncke
Kjell Loncke

Man ,this car looks great

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay

Great job!
Hey, give me back my steering wheel! 😉
Yes, do enjoy!

And thanks for sharing.

Bertram Wooster
Bertram Wooster

It makes me wish mine didn’t already have a rollcage.


I hope you have as much fun with yours!

Adrien Clause
Adrien Clause

Makes me want to buy one. thank you for sharing this.

Christian Peta
Christian Peta

Love the ‘antique’ off white. The black period wheels and high profile tires, perfect.