Market Finds: Drive Differently In a Beautiful 1976 Lancia Scorpion

Drive Differently In a Beautiful 1976 Lancia Scorpion

By Petrolicious Productions
May 13, 2013

For pedigree, rarity, style, fun, and bucketfuls of the old car quirks that we all love, there’s not much that can beat a Lancia Scorpion (née Montecarlo), bang-for-the-buck-wise.

This 1976 model is claimed to be the recipient of a recent respray in factory white, and its panels are all said to be very straight as well. With a scant 61.5k miles from new, it’s pretty Pininfarina-penned lines saw only roughly 1,700 miles of road a year—a feat requiring quite a bit of restraint from its previous three owners from new. We love the red leather interior, which is also claimed to have recently been reupholstered.

Mechanically, the car is said to be in very fine fettle, with a host of great upgrades including dual Webers, full performance exhaust including header, and Whoa Brakes. Among the recent parts replacements performed are new starter, head gasket, tires, brake and clutch master cylinders, and belts and hoses. Furthermore the seller says it has won “Best Lancia” at the Tutto Italiano car show sometime in the past.

Potential buyers should bear in mind this a near-four decade old Italian car, meaning it’s a double-edged sword of high style and high maintenance/low parts availability. Its famous Lampredi twincam four is inheritably reliable if treated well with frequent oil changes and sympathetic use, but electrical gremlins are likely in the mid-term. Trim, particularly on the lurid interior, is delicate, brittle, and mostly unobtanium—care is required when reaching for things, operating switches and so on.

With reserve not met at $5,100, it’s impossible for us to speculate on value, but if it’s in keeping with current market values it will likely go for low five-figures—like we said, tons of cool for the buck. Similar machines (a broad definition of “similar”—nothing’s like a Scorpion) to be had for that kind of money are Fiat X1/9s, immaculate, early 124 Spiders, and low-to-mid market Alfa Spiders of less-desired specs. We’d take the Scorpion over any of them, its combination of roll-back top, mid-engined Fiat twincam thrills, and funky side-opening engine bay panel too awesome to resist.

Click here to see the Scorpion details.

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Pete Jones
Pete Jones

Wow, I had Monte. 1978 Series 1. It was a lot of fun and a lot of trouble. I had some great fun in it. So nice to see one again, sadly not in the flesh. A great car with so much potential. If only Lancia would reintroduce it..037 in Carbon fibre..mmmmmmmm

Leucea Alexandru
Leucea Alexandru

Beautiful car. With a beautiful name. Just picture somebody asking you what are you driving. And the answer will be something like: “A Montecarlo. A Lancia Montecarlo”. Awesome. A pretty rare car, i was fortunate to spot one two years ago in my neighborhood. She was in a good condition, with the original rims and she sat next to a Ferrari 400i. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

Alan Franklin
Alan Franklin

Interesting parking mates.

Over here in the US people would just assume you didn’t know how to pronounce “Chevy” if you told them you drove a Monte Carlo.

Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman

title shoud be drive indifferently.

the montecarlo/scorpion s1 is a beautiful looking car but was a donkey to drive, especially in us form.

poor suspension setup, a puny 80bhp and bad brakes do not a fun car make.

the s2 was much improved.