Reader Submissions: 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0

1988 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0

By Petrolicious
October 8, 2013

Owner: Bas Vernooij

Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom

Year, Make, Model: 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0

Photograpy: Bas Vernooij

Bas Vernooijs’ 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0, in classic Alfa Rosso, is worthy of a round of applause. Bas is a university student originally from Rotterdam, Netherlands, and is truly a man in love with his car. He’s kept his Spider in such wonderful condition that pedestrians might mistake it for an earlier model. Sure, the late-model bumpers aren’t the most desirable Spiders, but the lines remain true to the same car that made its on-screen debut in 1967.

“I love the way it handles through the corners,” he says. “I love the RWD setup, and drifting when it rains. I love the way the gear lever sticks out of the dashboard and the way it slides into gear while driving. I love the thought that this car was designed for people to have fun rather than to get from one place to the next. I love its imperfection, its scare for water and the water droplets that will sometimes fall down on my hand while driving through incredibly bad weather. I love the sound it makes. I love the Solex twin carbs, I love the backfire.”

His Shakespearean ballad continues. We’ll save the details and confirm that his professions extend into every crevice of the car’s physical attributes.

Bas’ love for Alfa Romeo is a historic one: he’s loved them since he was a boy. Although, surrounding himself with former Alfa Romeo racers and mechanics he’s only fallen deeper into the rabbit hole. When it came time for him to purchase his first car, he naturally stuck with his passion. The Spider is a car he enjoys largely in part to the car’s historic roots, the RWD sports cars on which the Alfa was founded. Of course, a drop top helps to take in the panoramic European countryside landscape.

“I like to be as close to nature as I can, to fully benefit from the convertible sports car experience….taking her on brilliant driving roads such as small b-roads following canals or taking her to the Peak district here in the UK to practice some spirited driving,” Bas tells us as he continues to convey his soul-churning passion for his car.

Owners like Bas keep our culture alive. His desire to own an Alfa drove him (no pun intended) to become apart of the company’s history. While most of us may never enjoy the thrills of an Alfa Romeo Tipo 33, this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the sheen of an Alfa badge glistening on a sun soaked sprint through the countryside. For Bas, the thrill of enjoying an Alfa Romeo allows him to love the drive he’s on at every turn.

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2 years ago

Alternatively, split a group of bouquets up into smaller bunches and place them in multiple vases.

Josh Lederer
Josh Lederer
10 years ago

I had an ’86 Graduate for about 2 years. Like JB21’s experience, my Spider was my daily driver and lived in the shop more often than I would have liked. However, when it ran, it purred and was a blast to take through twisty roads. I made a point to drive home each evening through a local park with a fantastic serpentine drive (which happens to be used for a vintage Grand Prix each summer). Aside from the ugly 80’s bumpers, the sculpting of the car was fantastic and the interior ergonomics were spot on (at least for my small frame) with the gear lever at a perfectly placed angle. The best engineered part (aside from the sweet aluminum engine) was the convertible top that goes up in traffic with one hand. A simple, elegant, and fun car.

Peter Sente
Peter Sente
10 years ago

Great car, nice article. I’m always happy to see an Alfa ROmeo on this website. I absolutely agree with JB21. An Alfa can make a man cry, but can also make him the happiest person alive. It may sometimes need a bit more care and attention, but it’s worth it. My own Alfa GTV isn’t as old as this Spider, but I really hope to make a vintage car out of it! So dear Petrolicious, I hope you’re still around in about 12 years or so 😉

10 years ago

I had an 84 Spider for a few years. Absolute nightmare of a car, honestly. Rust grew just by looking at it, there was always some sort of oil leak (smear, more like it, even after a complete rebuilt), electrical components were iffy at the best, and leaky weather element… I rode bus more often during the ownership of that Alfa than I drove the car (it was my only car). But there’s absolutely nothing like it when it’s working, it’s such a feel good car, brings romantic out of most cold-hearted. I still think it’s the most romantic car ever made, and not even because of the movie. That car represented what I really really want from the car. That’s the only car among many that I’ve owned that I truly miss.

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