Reader Submissions: This Mini is a Dutch Treat

This Mini is a Dutch Treat

By Petrolicious Productions
October 9, 2013

Owner and Photographer: Ernest Broekstra

Age: 41

Location: Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Year, Make, and Model: 1996 Rover Mini Cooper

It wasn’t always this rosy and neat. About three years ago this Dutch Mini’s transmission let go and decided to take the engine as well, showering it with synchro-shrapnel irreparably. Mr. Ernest Broekstra did what any self-respecting Mini owner would do—he rebuilt it with a 1300cc.

Ernest has owned this Mini, a 1996 Rover Cooper, for over seven years and knew he had to have one after driving his friend’s. He was so smitten in fact that he immediately sold his DAF 66 Marathon to make room for a Mini. After searching throughout Holland he found this little Mini in his hometown of Apeldoorn, hiding only a few blocks from his house.

As Minis have a tendency to rust, Ernest only takes it out when the roads are dry. But when the weather and roads are clear he heads for the twisty, 80kmh roads near the River IJssel to wring the car out a bit. In addition to the 1300cc engine, the Mini sports Lucas fog and spot lights, Supalight 6x12j rims, an aluminum dash, Cooper bucket seats (from a ’73) and a stainless steel exhaust.

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7 years ago

Hey ernest, Ik kom ook uit Apeldoorn. Heb je de mini nog?
Zou graag een keer komen kijken! En die blauwe platen. waat heb je die laten maken. wil ook een setje hebben.
En waar heb je die lamp bar vandaan? 🙂

Johnny Breinholt
Johnny Breinholt(@officina590gt)
8 years ago

What a fantastic car Ernest, compliments on a job well done !! And some very nice photos too.

7 years ago

thanks johnny

Bart Mulder
Bart Mulder(@streetscreamer)
8 years ago

Sweet mini!! You use these dark blue old dutch license plates (before 1978) only for show?

7 years ago
Reply to  Bart Mulder

de platen heb ik permanent op de mini, komt er ook altijd mee door de apk

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle(@mosler)
8 years ago

I for one have always been a big fan of the Mini. Its a very small cute car but very big on charm and personailty as well. Its also had a pretty decent racing career from what i researched a well which i believe adds a bit more mystic to a car. Plus i seen plenty of Mini’s modified with bigger tires and more powerful engines that turn these little cars into little rocket giant killers which is always fun to see in my humble opinion