Journal: 2002 Turbo Restored to Immaculate Over-Perfection

2002 Turbo Restored to Immaculate Over-Perfection

By Petrolicious Productions
July 18, 2013

The BMW 2002 is arguably the archetypal sports sedan of the past 50 years, and while many would probably think of the tii as the Neue Klasse flagship, they’d be forgetting the maddest version of them all—the 2002 Turbo. Built in ridiculously small numbers with even less still in existence, it’s one of the holy grails of BMW’s model history.

In this edition of Forum Report, we feature an immaculately restored 2002 Turbo in a brief but brilliantly detailed thread showing what one owner’s OCD fastidiousness and an “open check book” can do to a ratty old shed of a car. By his own admission, the car is over-restored, but when the results are this pristine, who cares? Clean enough to eat off, or even perform surgery on, we’d be afraid to drive it—happily, its owner isn’t. The next Beemer to get this attention? He’s already lined up a 3.0 CSL…

Click here to visit the forum thread.

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