Journal: 2019 Sachsen Classic Will Feature A Brace Of Classic Volkswagen Coupes And A T2 Currywurst Food Truck

2019 Sachsen Classic Will Feature A Brace Of Classic Volkswagen Coupes And A T2 Currywurst Food Truck

By News Desk
August 21, 2019

The 17th Sachsen Classic will be taking place from 22 to 24 August this year and the 362.5-mile (580km) route from Dresden to Leipzig will feature 200 rare and unique classic cars from a variety of manufacturers. Five notable entrants from Volkswagen Classic will include a Karmann Ghia TC and Type 14 as well as a Volkswagen SP2, Scirocco and Passat B2 CL Formula E.

The 1974 Volkswagen SP2 and 1974 Karmann Ghia TC 145 are rare sights on European roads as they were both built for the Brazilian market, while the 1974 Karmann Ghia Type 14 Coupe is just as eye-catching in its Saturn Yellow paintwork. The two-water-cooled cars are the Passat Formula E, an early economy-focused model which featured a stop-start system way back in 1983, and a 1981 Scirocco I SL special edition model with sporty wheels and front spoiler.

The Saxony Rally runs through some stunning regions including Saxon Switzerland, the Ore mountains and Saxony’s heathland region. The event allows historically and culturally noteworthy vehicles built before 1976 to take part as well as certain Youngtimer models built up to the 1999 model year. Two more Volkswagens, in the form of Type 2 food trucks, will be on hand to provide a different sort of enjoyment for the crowds: the Currywurst and ice cream vans will be welcome sights for competitors as they pass the finish line at Simonsplatz in Leipzig.

Images courtesy of Volkswagen

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1 year ago

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3 years ago

My father had exactly the same year and color of this KG TC. I felt in love with this car since the begining, even though I was 9 years old.

I was fully involved with the restoration of this car, being purchased a brand new frontend and adapt new rocker panels. The restoration ended on December 24th, 1984, ready to travel to Petropolis for our family reunion.

My mother bother my father to sell it beacuse an old car. This regret follow him since then and I am chasing another KG TC to fill the void. Although I am a proudly owner of a mint condition 72′ Dodge Dart, the Brazilian VW remains in my memories and in my heart.

Ivahn Garcia
Ivahn Garcia
3 years ago

Can’t believe the SP2 has lines that belong to 2019… it’s like I may be looking at a cayman hot hatch… what a great looking and under-appreciated volks… I could have one in mint green pls.