Featured: 24 Hours Of Painting: A Different Way To Experience Le Mans

24 Hours Of Painting: A Different Way To Experience Le Mans

By Jayson Fong
June 25, 2018

Photography by Jayson Fong

It might be a week on since the 86th running of Le Mans, but even after the time to decompress I’m still waking up to what feels like a race day (literally) hangover. Although 2018 was my fourth year documenting Le Mans through 24 artworks done in the span of 24 hours, I can definitely say the challenge hasn’t become any easier! After completing the marathon of drawing with pen and markers last year, I decided to turn to watercolors for 2018, which in my view offer a bit more spontaneity in the end result.

The 2018 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans probably won’t go down as one of the classic races (unless you’re Toyota of course) from a driving perspective, but it was certainly a memorable one seeing as the factory participation was so strong in the GTE Pro class. Add to that many familiar motorsport names like Alonso, Button, and Montoya from the F1 side, with a bunch of former winners like Lotterer and Jani in the prototypes that weren’t Toyotas, some stunning retro liveries, and the lengthy battle between Porsche and Ford and you’ve got yourself a race that was worth watching despite the thin field up front. I certainly didn’t get to watch the entirety of it seeing as much of my time was spent making these, but Radio Le Mans is always good for providing the commentary, and whenever it really picked up in cadence I was sure to put the brushes down to enjoy the action on screen.

Here are some of the works from this year’s #24forLM24, I hope you enjoy them!

Original artworks, prints, and a book (due to be released soon) can be found here. A portion of the proceeds from each original artwork sold will be going to the FIA Foundation.

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Tom Hains
Tom Hains
4 years ago

Beautiful work Jayson!

Jack Bissett
Jack Bissett
4 years ago

Yes, beautiful, evocative and wonderfully sponteneous!

4 years ago

Nice work! What a great way to combine your racing passion and obvious talents! I hope this comes off well, but I feel I’m seeing an excellent evolution of your skills from last year’s post to this. FIA Foundation looks like a good organization too.