Gear: 3 Vintage Driving Watches You Can Buy Right now

3 Vintage Driving Watches You Can Buy Right now

By Isaac Wingold
September 27, 2016

As you might have expected, my first pick this week is yet another chronograph found on eBay. What we’ve got here is an early, wartime Omega chronograph in an oversized steel case that is completed by its step bezel. The Ref. 2077-1 is an especially rare reference in that it was the first run of watches that Omega produced using this case, and after being evaluated by the company, it has been determined that this example was produced between 1938 and 1939, making it an extremely early, expensive, and sought-after piece.

Omega Ref. 2077-1


While this Omega’s exterior is nothing short of gorgeous, removing the stainless steel caseback will reveal the presence of the legendary Cal. 33.3 movement, which makes this one of the most desired non-Speedmaster Omega chronographs made. As for the dial, although it may not exactly be mint, I still think this is a terrific looking watch that’s aging honestly.

“Clinton” chronograph


Sometimes when looking at certain vintage watches, one must ignore the name printed on the dial and assess it solely based upon design and beauty. This Valjoux 22-powered “Clinton” chronograph is one of those watches, and it sure is a beauty. Let’s break this one down a bit.

What first caught my eye about this piece was the striking dual register, two-tone dial, complete with scales tracing its black and grey portions. Next were the stepped lugs that add a bit of formality to the overall look of this 1940s chronograph. Outstanding!

Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox Parking


To celebrate 125 years of business in 1958, Jaeger LeCoultre released several new watches into their various collections. One of these watches was the Memovox Parking—a rather humorous, alarm-equipped wristwatch, with dial markings to remind you how much time is left on the parking meter. It was even marketed using taglines like, “The watch which saves you parking fines” and, “Let the Memovox Parking remind you the limitation of your parking time rather than the police”.

A few days ago, I managed to find one of these JLC’s listed for sale on the website of a Parisian watch dealer. While there are significant signs of its age on certain parts of the dial, it’s important to note that the watch appears to be all original, and untouched.

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