Gear: 3 Vintage Driving Watches You Can Buy Right Now

3 Vintage Driving Watches You Can Buy Right Now

By Isaac Wingold
December 14, 2016

One thing collectors have surely noticed over the past few years is how the watch-buying market is now recognizing value and taking interest in a wider variety of vintage watches. This widespread new-found interest has helped shed light on some of the most beautiful watches of yesteryear.

Movado M95 Panda


Case in point? This M95-equipped Panda dial chronograph from Movado.

Throughout the 40s, 50s, and 60s, Movado produced incredible in-house chronograph movements, like the M90 and M95. The architecture and design of the M95 alone is enough to pique your interest in vintage Movado, but the bold panda dial with red accents on the flip side is what seals the deal. Inside and out, these M95 chronographs really are impressive.

Jean Louis Frésard Speedmaster

Next up, we have a piece that if you only take a quick look at, you’d be mistaken to think that it’s a curious variant of Omega’s Speedmaster Professional. What it really is, is a two register, Valjoux 7734-powered chronograph made by “Jean Louis Frésard,” that happens to sport a near-identically styled case.

Apart from the twisted-lug Speedy case, the grey acrylic bezel — a detail often incorporated into the vintage offerings of watchmakers like Zodiac and Wittnauer – looks great on this piece. If you’re interested, it’s being offered in NOS condition by an individual based out of Copenhagen on eBay.

Heuer 3647D Carrera


Collecting vintage Heuer is much like vintage Rolex collecting, in that both brands produced their now vintage watches in a number of different variants, characterized by what some would see as minute differences. Heuer’s Carrera is one of those watches, as it was once available with a variety of different dials with unique scales.

What you’re looking at is a Carrera, or more specifically, a 3647D Carrera, and as the D in the reference and your visual aid would suggest, this example has a blue decimal scale on the dial. This example is showing signs of its age, but the case lines are still visible, and the dial is in nice shape.


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