Journal: 5 Automotive Instagrammers Who Understand What Classic Really Means

5 Automotive Instagrammers Who Understand What Classic Really Means

By Petrolicious Productions
November 3, 2015

It’s one thing to snap a picture of a vehicle, but another thing entirely to excite the viewer’s imagination through subject matter, technique, and composition. This week’s Instagram roundup features five photographers who can get a good shot just about anywhere. 

Focused mainly on street-parked classics near Seattle, WA, @supersangron is a master of composition, and able to highlight the small details that draw us to classics.

We’ve worked closely with Jeremy Heslup on a number of projects, and his material never fails to impress. Recently at the La Carrera Panamericana, with a few of his shots you’re able to almost experience what the race must have been like. Almost. 

Our video producer Aaron is quite obviously living the classic lifestyle, so if you’re curious about future @petroliciousco videos and stories, he’s a good guy to follow… 

Automotive photographer Simon Hamelius is based in a country that’s about to get rather uninviting for convertibles: Sweden. Even so, he manages to travel Europe and always find something new. 

Known for its photography, our friends at Motorsport Retro have some of the best shots of classic racing machines, from Group C to DTM to Group B…and everything in between. 

You follow us, don’t you? Well, here’s a taste of what we’ve been posting this week… And remember, tag your classic car photos with #drivetastefully—we’ll probably notice them and say hello!

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