Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: August 4th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: August 4th Edition

By Alex Sobran
August 4, 2017

Another week means another batch of Instagram accounts to help stave off the clock-watching habits we so often fall into on Fridays. So rather than watching the hands’ sluggish arc, poke around some car photos to get ready for the weekend ahead instead. This edition’s group has plenty of content to keep you occupied for the home stretch.

Based in Berlin, Germany, the Carphiles page looks like a set of stills from Cold War film directed by someone with a penchant for getaway cars and the vessels of bureaucratic intrigue. Even when traveling abroad for these photos, the backgrounds approach noir-like scenes seemingly ripped from another decade, with heavy industry and a whole lot of concrete providing a perfect complement to the Porsche-and-Benz-heavy subjects.

Isaac De Coster’s page, wheelheroes, lives up to its pun. These cars are the real deal, but not in the million-dollar and matching luggage sense. The cars he shoots are decidedly not average of course, but they’re for the most part attainable and relatable examples of the kind of stuff that leads you to searching the classifieds. Aside from that, you’ll want to give this page a follow for the photographic merits too; almost every shot in here has that deep, almost wet look to it that adds a bit of drama to the already well-composed detail and full car photos.

John Bothwell spends a lot of time in cars that time has almost forgotten. Sure, you’ve seen the pre-war stuff at museums collecting dust that’s periodically swept away by some curator’s assistant, but when’s the last you remember seeing something like a 1923 Model T packed up for a road trip? Or a Bugatti Type 35 that isn’t socked away in some indoor vault?

Sannie Celeridad likes oldtimer and youngtimer BMWs, that much is clear. Another apparent trait is his skill with a camera. His photos are crisp and full of rich color, and the layout he uses on Instagram departs from the rapid-fire style the app is conducive too; instead of posting a single shot of each car, he typically shares a miniature gallery, with a few angles and details to give you a more complete sense of the vintage Bimmers he shoots. His white E30 is worth checking out as well.

David Rutter’s photography is an embodiment of that rare style that’s clearly emerged from a good deal of editing, but also manages to avoid the pitfalls of overdoing it. There’s a thin line between HDR filters and an expert manipulation of exposure settings, and this portfolio falls with a marked thud into the latter. The cars in question are also somewhat otherworldly, and David’s inclusive nature ensures that you’ll find the best of the best from every subset of the motoring world; rally legends, historic F1 cars, modern GT, it’s all here.

Looking for more photographic content from us and our friends? Our official Instagram page has you covered. Travel around the world in 90 seconds with the best steeds for the job.

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Sannie Celeridad
Sannie Celeridad
6 years ago

Petrolicious! This is an extreme honor to be a part of the Instagram Roundup! You don’t understand how excited I was to run across this… I literally screamed in my chair LOL. I’ve been working really hard within my photography and this is a huge huge encouragement and check point, that the hardwork is paying off. This means so much to me. I wanted to let you all know, that you have played a tremendous impact and influence on my photography. I can’t thank you all enough! Much appreciated and many blessings to you all!