Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: December 8th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: December 8th Edition

By Alex Sobran
December 8, 2017

Getting right into it this week, here are the five photographers that we’ve been scrolling through lately. Some people think the wave of digital camera-toting Instagrammers are saturating us with too much of the same thing, but we think more “competition” just allows for the best to rise to the top; here’s the latest skim:

Craig Pusey shoots sharp, beautifully composed photos, half of which look like they could magazine two-pagers. The portraits of vintage sports icons are the kinds of things you’d expect to see in this list, but Craig also has a few off-roading trips with Land Rover documented on his page that are worth checking out. Though I’m not sure of the exact ratio, for every few hundred squeaky-clean Jeeps in the mall parking lot, there are a few occasions where modern 4x4s see their engineering put to use, and there are countless examples here.

V, Viet, Vito, whichever name you use for this dude, everything produced under the workings of “photographybyv” is going to be good. He shoots all kinds of vehicles from the world of modifying alongside some of the preserved OEM beauties, but rather than hacked-up low-quality mish-mashes of knock-off parts, these builds are at the very least thorough and well-executed, carried out to the end instead of taking shortcuts. The subjects are unique then, and the photography itself is on a level with few peers. From vibrant detail shots of 911 deck lids to shoots in the middle of the forest, you won’t find any duds in here.

Burak embodies the name of his account, and his portfolio looks like something out of a holiday catalog for high-end retail shops trying to be hip. The difference with Burak’s account though is that it’s all very genuine—you can tell by what he shoots, what he surrounds himself with, etc., that he really enjoys the cars he’s sharing through these photos. To sum it all up, the vibe is like cozy nostalgia featuring a cast of adorable old cars. And if you like VW Beetles, be prepared to spend some extra time scrolling through this page as you try to choose a favorite shot of one of these German jelly beans.

Barrett Loose has a perfect last name for a surfer, and his photography also channels the kind of lo-fi sun and warmth of a washed out summer day in California. He clearly has a preference for Porsche, and thankfully there are quite a few of them running around the area. He manages to keep it all feeling fresh despite the many millions of 911 photos that exist in the world, either through unique framing and composition or location scouting. On the move, at shows, chance encounters on the street, group photoshoots, there’s a lot to take in.

Otije’s architectural photography portfolio is a nice blend of the starkness of modern city structures and the careful eye of somebody who really understands the feats these designers have pulled off with these projects. I’m not sure if it’s because he or she’s a physicist or just a person with a good sense of how to capture the feeling of something as well as the fact of it, but there is a defining quality to this collection of photos that separates it from the rest of the pages that focus on the subject. It’s the slight shifts in angle, the jarring crops, and the surreal perspectives that all work together to give these already striking buildings another layer of complexity.

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