Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: January 19th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: January 19th Edition

By Alex Sobran
January 19, 2018

It takes a while to put together a good group each week for these Instagram roundups, not necessarily because the talent pool is shallow (it isn’t), but it can start to overlap quite a lot. The world of vintage cars isn’t actually that large, and there’s more money to be made shooting new crossovers that have marketing budgets behind them, so the few that are focused on the classic aspects tend to move in the same circles. At least they attend many of the same events, so it’s not uncommon to find a great photographer that really doesn’t have anything new to offer. Great shots at Goodwood are not very intriguing—everyone’s there getting the same ones right next to you—so it can be a challenge to find those who don’t just shoot the big events from slightly different angles. Here’s to hoping this week’s list is a fresh one.

Nick Rico shoots more than just Porsche, but if you haven’t noticed we’re pretty big fans of the marque at Petrolicious, and his P-car photos are the best in his portfolio. It’s hard to make a 935 look ugly, but it’s also hard to capture the sense of purpose and overall ferocity of these cars. Nick’s style makes great use of depth of field to give the cars in his frames a distinct pop against their surroundings, and it almost verges on a tilt shift look at times. The colors are alternate between pale and sunny tones and some with a bit more murkiness, depending. In any light though, he makes the cars stand out as they should.

David Carlo’s portfolio on Instagram is a hectic collection of black and whites and warm colors, motorcycles and hot rods, people and places. The term photojournalism is used a bit too often I think, but here it seems fitting. Beyond some really sharp and well-framed static images, David’s in-action work is the really good stuff—the illustrative photos that couldn’t be described in a thousand words. It’s nice to see a blend between the mechanical and the human, and the interspersed portraits lend a vitality and relatability to the hot-rodding hijinks.

Keoni B.’s account is sort of a like a diary, complete with a not-so-secret crush on a certain Diamond Schwartz E30. The car itself is a great example of the popular Bimmer chassis, and the photos Keoni takes do justice to the sharp lines and tasteful modifications that’ve been added over time. The pair travels all around California with frequent stops for photos along the way. They also run into plenty of Bavarian buddies, so expect to see a few 2002s, E9s, and other vintage Germans on this Instagram page.

Laurent Nivalle points his camera at more than just cars, so among the big barges of American iron and the functional aggression of race cars you’ll find some portraits of people, highway on-ramps, jets, buildings, shrubs, fences, just about everything. And just about all of it looks like hours of prep and post work went into the final result. Of course, some of these are surely spur of the moment snapshots, but you can only make such things look this good if you’ve put in the time to learn the art. Laurent certainly has, with wonderful contrasting black and whites adjacent to big swaths of neon ambiance.

The “fifth spot” photographer we’d like to share with you this week is Johannes Hulsch, who specializes in landscapes. It’s not all mountain ranges and national parks though, as Johannes takes it upon himself to seek out the structures humans have made in these fascinating patches of the earth’s terrain. Little cottages snuggled between evergreens, hundreds-of-years-old churches puncturing the cloud membrane at elevation, ski resorts perched on barren summits—in so many of his shots there is this marriage of nature and our attempts to live among its most exotic expressions.

You follow us already, right? If you’re reading this far down it’s probably a given, so be sure to stop in occasionally to see what we’re up to!

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geekpeak tech
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