Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following July 21 Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following July 21 Edition

By Petrolicious Productions
July 21, 2016

Our picks this week have blown us away, and they’re from pretty much all over the place. Automotive writers, plus “automotive archaeologists,” a fantastic motorcycle hangout in the UK, and—if you’ll believe it—the Petrolicious Founder and CEO has signed up and will be posting regular updates. Here’s who we’re liking on Instagram this week.

This week begins with a shout-out to the Petrolicious Founder and CEO Afshin Behnia, who finally signed up for Instagram—which is why, as of this writing, there’s only a few photos. Stay tuned for much, much more.

Henry Catchpole is one of those automotive writers you’re able to admire for both words and driving skill. Being the features editor for @officialevomagazine means Henry’s Instagram is filled with all sorts of images fit for car enthusiast

Phil is the guy who recently experienced the fearsome Jaguar XJ220, albeit one updated with more power, more comfort, better handling, and better braking. He’s often up to cool stuff like that, which is why you should follow him on Instagram.

Chrome Cars are “automotive archaeologists” who scour the world in search of rare, desirable, and interesting vehicles. Of course, they post their travels and latest finds for all to enjoy.

The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is our kind of place; it’s a café, restaurant, bar, barber, store that has events and sells bikes…like we said, it’s our kind of place.

Want to be featured? Be sure to tag your photos with #drivetastefully and we’ll hope to include your profile in a future update.

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Dennis White
Dennis White
7 years ago

Ashfin, Tipo 33 and 2000 Touring Spider?

Afshin Behnia
7 years ago
Reply to  Dennis White

Yes, and yes!

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