Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following June 30 Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following June 30 Edition

By Isaac Wingold
June 30, 2016

As the week comes to a close yet again, it’s time to take a look at five stand-out Instagram accounts. In this latest roundup, we’ll be looking at a host photographers, collectors, and industry authorities with a unique perspective to freshen up your feed.

In the world of classic Ferrari’s, GTO Engineering is it. Since the early 1980’s, it’s been doing incredibly faithful restorations of vintage Ferraris, in addition to supplying the market with some of the finest OEM, NOS, and remanufactured Ferrari parts currently available.

Ben Clymer is the founder and executive editor of the online watch magazine Hodinkee, and is probably the reason why there’s now a vintage watch on your wrist. Don’t let his watch obsession fool you, Ben too enjoys driving tastefully, and often documents it on his feed.

For the latest and greatest in modern architecture and interior design, look no further than Dwell. Its  account offers an inside look at some of the most stunning residences across the globe.

We recently featured Piotr Degler’s photographic work on the site before when discussing his impressive book “Carros de Cuba”, and if you’re not already following him on Instagram, we advise that you do.

Industrial designer Carl Gustav Magnusson has an eye for design, and his Instagram account certainly reflects this. Through his feed, the collector and subject of one of our previous films gives us a look at what catches his eye on a daily basis, not to mention some killer classics. 

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Tadas Rimkus
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