Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, March 24th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, March 24th Edition

By Alex Sobran
March 24, 2017

For many of us the weather is slowly approaching driving season again, but if you aren’t able to get out in something fun this weekend, we have you covered with some portals to virtual carvana. I’ve tried this time to find some accounts that are a little bit more focused, more tuned to certain niches in terms of both what’s in the images, and the style with which they’re shot. This blend should contain something that resonates with any enthusiast, but if you’re tired of me totally neglecting something that doesn’t deserve being left out, speak up, or just follow these talented people and realize just how much cool stuff is out there.

You won’t get a bait and switch from @carsinsweden, they call it like they see it: these are in fact, cars in Sweden. But it’s not infested with the average Volvo that’s chewed through a few too many snowbanks either; there are internationally beloved classics alongside a few things that may be a little unfamiliar, and of course of a sweep of pastel Swedish bricks are to be found throughout as well. Everything is photographed in almost the exact same way so it makes it easy to churn through all there is to see. It’s kind of a registry or record-keeping-like feel to it, and with everything aligned in more or less the same way you can cruise through a lot of these. The pictures aren’t concerned with wild backdrops or over-editing—just like the title, it’s a pretty straightforward affair in this regard too.

If you caught the two chapters of the Colombian motorcycle trip this week, you will have already been treated to the striking black and white imagery of Erik Jutras, or @mr_pixelhead on Instagram. It’s not just the careful treatment of the monochromatic scale that so many others mess up, but the interesting perspectives and subjects of each photo that make this page so fun to browse.

Joachim Rayos’ @autorista account is very consistent, but in no way boring either, it’s just that you know what you’ll get with each shot: a warm and well-composed professional photo of something cool on wheels. It’s like a daily coffee or your favorite snack; you get because you can rely on it being good. To see more of Joachim’s photography, check out his recent article on Brooklands and the get a look at some of Britain’s motorsports’ roots.

@shiftpattern brings a fresh combination of vintage German and Japanese cars to an Instagram page peppered with great shots of some of the best rounded or boxy cars ever made. If you’re into Porsches, early Skylines, and BMWs with four headlights, this should be the place you’ve been looking for if you haven’t already found it.

@type_01_insta is the kind of account that I would call glossy. Every photo has clearly had it’s adjustment sliders yanked around a little, but this is far from overly edited nonsense, instead, it’s the kind of extra stylized view of things that makes this style of photography all the easier to get lost in—it doesn’t really look like the real thing, and that’s probably why it’s so much fun to look at.

If seeing all of our content has your mind wandering toward how great it’d be to have a new addition to the garage, but you know you really, really shouldn’t expand the fleet if you’re being prudent, then definitely don’t ogle the goods on display @petroliciousmarketplace. Keep telling yourself you don’t have the space for another one, we’re patient.

If you’re here on this page right now, you’ve probably been on the @petrolicious Instagram within the last hour too. If that’s not the case, this should help with that problem!

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