Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, March 3rd Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, March 3rd Edition

By Alex Sobran
March 3, 2017

Another week, another dosage of Instagram accounts. We’re starting the month off with what I hope you’ll agree is a broad mix of photographers and artists to add to your feed. Featuring cars manufactured around the world and spanning decades between them, there should be something for everyone. Wouldn’t that be nice if it were the case at least? I always have a good time putting these lists together, and I hope you find something new and interesting because of it. From Kaido Racer to Berlinetta, here’s this week’s roundup:

If you’re the kind of person who seeks a bunch of different styles of car and photography in your feed, @henrycatchpole might be on your radar already, and if not, now there’s no excuse. Artistic close-ups, large scenic landscapes, in-studio and out on the track, B&W or full of color, there’s bound to be a good deal of photos in this account that can stop your scrolling for a moment or two. 

When you pay the bills as an automotive illustrator, it’s a given that you have some talent, but @guy.allen has it in spades. Blending iconic vintage cars with his unique style that looks, to me, like mid century meets comic books, here’s an artist I think we can all appreciate. His account contains finished works, lots of sketches, and the occasional photograph. 

I agree that @arunmnairphotography is a little bit too heavy on the modern side of subject matter, but as the above shows, he can easily apply the same skills to the kind of cars we’re here for. All of the shots in here are commercial quality, and when it looks this good can you really be too bummed that you’re looking at some newer stuff for a few minutes?

We featured @puppyknuckles a few years ago, and I think it’s time for an encore. After all, it’s a body of work that’s as hard to forget about as the name above the images is. Introducing us to ways of seeing cars and events that the naked eye can’t muster, DW Burnett manages to make everything look much cooler than it would in reality, and isn’t that why you’re looking for Instagram accounts to follow in the first place?

The last account this week comes from Japan. @san_mamiya more or less dumps the whole gamut of Japanese car culture onto his/her page, and I love it. It’s pretty much all here: American hot rods and cruisers, your classic Hakosuka Skylines and its contemporaries, the wild sights from Tokyo Auto Salon, bizarre custom scooters, you name it. I think of this account as a sort of summary of the country’s automotive scene, occasional piece of confusing artwork and all. 

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