Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: September 1st Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: September 1st Edition

By Alex Sobran
September 1, 2017

It’s the first of the month, and for many the weekend will be the unofficial transition into the fall. It’s a cool 100°F/36°C in Los Angeles, but the air is getting crisp elsewhere, and photographers in those places will start showing off the burnt and bright hues of autumn soon enough. It’s also one of the better times of the year for driving; motors don’t have to struggle with the thick hot air of summer, and you can drive with the windows down and a sweater on and be the happiest little clam around. It’s not quite that time though, and for others it won’t be for much longer yet—sorry Australia!—but regardless of where you’re sitting

Will Mederski’s page is a lesson in blending. His photos all carry with them the same feel, the same dual sense of loneliness and coziness. regardless of what he’s pointed the lens at. The tones, especially in the earthy sides of the color wheel, is full of crisp light. It’s an airy aesthetic from my point of view, and one that he pulls off consistently, while never tipping the scales toward anything you’d call washed out. He shoots cars, bikes, mountains, trees, roadkill, you name it. It’s all worth a look, individually, and as a body of work.

Dylan Leff is one of the best nighttime/light-painting photographers I’ve come across, and he just so happens to shoot a host of cars too. Lucky us. And especially so if you like BMWs of the “modern classic” variety. He certainly seems to have an appreciation for them; I’ve been following his page for a few years now and he moves in and out of cars faster than pretty much anyone that comes to mind, which while probably an annoyance for his insurance company, it’s a treat for fans of his work and the cars he shoots so well.

Will Broadhead’s page is predominantly moto-focused, and while there are the occasional cars and scenes of life sprinkled about, it really is the bike stuff that’s the most compelling. He is an expert at capturing the speed and freneticism of the sport. Just look at the panning shots for instance where he’s captured riders in mid-air traveling at the speeds that render these things as pure whips of color to the naked eye. We’ve featured Will’s work at the Barry Sheene Festival previously, and we will have more of his talented frames showing up soon in some coverage of the Isle of Man Classic TT!

Max Maddox has a cool name. He also has a great Instagram account. Shot exclusively on 35mm film, there is an authenticity and nostalgic bent to his portfolio that is becoming harder to find in the masses of DSLRs out there. And it’s not a novelty thing either—most of these compositions are excellent. There is a nice mixture at play too, between colors and B&Ws, vintage Euros and American ’50s staples. You’ll find everything you’d expect in an account featured in our weekly roundup, plus the bonus of it being done the old school way. Fitting, no?

Juan Kenobi’s account is a perfect representation of a simple idea executed well. It’s bursting with all kinds of cars and colors, but the big mix is concentrated and focused by his use of color-coordinated frames and the fact that everything is a very nicely framed (doing detail shots is much more than just getting up close to the subject after all!). The style is perfect for Instagram’s grid layout, and that’s the best way to view it in my opinion, but that’s not to say any of these photos couldn’t stand alone.

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