Journal: 6 Incredible Films From Fiat’s Massive Archive

6 Incredible Films From Fiat’s Massive Archive

By Michael Banovsky
November 4, 2015

Centro Storico Fiat is an archive of press photos, films, documentation, and lives at the heart of the massive global company. I’m not kidding: it’s been around since 1963, located in an Art Nouveau building that stands on the grounds of the company’s first workshops.

Centro Storico Fiat houses cars, art, repair manuals, and the volume is staggering: six million images, 300,000 technical documents…and it’s growing each year. Thankfully, the company has put a few of its 200 hours of historical film on YouTube for us to enjoy…

“You can’t fool a Ferrari,” the narrator says, as Enzo Ferrari gets into his personal 1969 Fiat 128. Well, I’m sold!

The Fascinating World Of Motorsport from 1977 is a 45 minute symphony of Italian cars going very, very fast. From rally to Formula 1, this documentary features a lot of 131 Abarth, Lancia Stratos, and Ferrari F1 footage. It’s narrated in English, too, and well worth the time.

These two product videos on the Fiat Panda 4×4 are notable not only for their in-depth look of then-new products hitting the market, but also for their unbeatable soundtracks…

Fiat and Lancia have long been rally winners, so the final two clips feature highlights from WRC competition. On the left, this 1980 film takes a look at the company’s global rally racing programme, and on the right, one of the fastest Group B machines: the fearsome Lancia Delta S4.

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