Journal: 7 Classic Clips Of Normal Cars Doing Amazing Things

7 Classic Clips Of Normal Cars Doing Amazing Things

Michael Banovsky By Michael Banovsky
May 19, 2016

I don’t know, exactly, what unites these humble models from Fiat, Jeep, MG, Ford, and Chevrolet, but these made-in-period films are entertaining despite their subjects. Then again, putting an expert stunt man in a rear-drive Fiat sedan may just mean he’s able to drive along the top of a moving train. Sending a group of drivers and standard Jeeps to South America may be the start of adventure. And Sir Jackie Stewart may just love the Ford Tempo.

The stunt driver and performer Rémy Julienne was pretty great at making cars do incredible things. Here, using only humble Fiats and zero CG, these two modest cars and the chase from Le Casse make Fast and Furious look like a driver training film.

This is Sir Jackie Stewart praising the Ford Tempo. That is all.

The MG Montego Turbo was, on its debut, the fastest-ever vehicle to come from MG. Its top speed of 125 mph and relative performance for the time were promoted heavily in this dealer training film. After a few minutes of the most inane commentary—and mention of free “top quality” Swiss watches—racing ace Steve Soper is drafted in, “to back up the handover this superb car”.

Daring The Darien is an expedition film done by Chevrolet, when the automaker thought that having its divisive new car tackle a stretch of earth that no vehicle had traversed before. The outcome is decidedly mixed, just as you’d expect from an expedition done using Corsairs.

“To go from the bottom of the world to the top,” the narrator spits into his microphone, as six Americans in Jeeps set off to conquer a 21,000-mile journey across the Americas, in 1978. It’s a neat mini-documentary, and just 27 minutes long.

Rémy Julienne also did commercials. But of course. These are my two favorites.

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David Todd

The cars used in the movie The Burglars were not both Fiats. The red one was a Fiat, a 128, but the blue car was an Opel Rekord from Germany.
Either way, this is one of the best car chases ever filmed because of the way it was filmed mostly in regular traffic and not on a movie set.

jano boromisza
jano boromisza

Actually, the red one was a Fiat 125 Special (1967-1972).
On the other hand, I admit that scene from the movie was a helluva chase.

Rune Bjørgum

Hello. You should also watch this Volvo winter driving experience:

Tom DesRochers
Tom DesRochers

Emerson Fittipaldi

I’d love to know how the car was prepared for that run.

Andrew Salt
Andrew Salt

The Montego Turbo video…. Absolutely cringe-worthy.

I had the ‘pleasure’ of having to drive “high performance” Montegos for a living a few years back. Yuk. They usually rusted and fell apart before the engine blew up.

Thanks Petrolicious. I think I may need councelling again.


The French documentary about Rémy Julienne is a must see for anyone who followed French cinema in from the 60s through the 80s. Brilliant.

Sam Moore
Sam Moore

Top list, I had a lot of fun watching the videos, however, I think there was an omission – Sir Tiff Needell

Thom As
Thom As

For God’s sake ,what about the Citroën Visa Gti?