Journal: 7 Clips That Prove SCCA Racing In The ’80s Was Awesome

7 Clips That Prove SCCA Racing In The ’80s Was Awesome

By Michael Banovsky
May 13, 2016

In this series of clips, host and former racer David Hobbs begins by explaining why the network’s coverage of semi-amateur racing in the U.S. will be better than ever. Using mobile camera units, great commentary, and a well-done broadcast, you’ll love these clips of what Hobbs calls, “The Olympics of motor racing”.

Thanks to YouTube uploaders, here are some of the most entertaining films from the era that we could find. And in case you’re wondering what Hobbs is up to these days, follow him on Twitter.

This 12 minute clip, hosted by David Hobbs, begins the proceedings—it’s an action-packed start, with thrills along the way. Welcome to the 1980 SCCA Runoffs!

As uploader (and our new hero) oldSCCAguy yah says, “Slow cars fast. Some people don’t get it, other people do.” Looks quick to me!

Showroom Stock Championship in SSA—basically if your local car show went instead to the local track and had it out. Datsun 240Zs, Ford Mustangs, Mazda RX-7s, Porsche 924s…an entire grid on stock tires, cornering on their door handles for more than 30 minutes.

The GT-3 Class was even more slow cars driving quickly, albeit these are mainly small hatchbacks, coupés, and sedans that have been fully converted into racing cars. (Note: This clip is raw footage and has an annoying tone at the start; fast forward a few minutes.)

1980 SCCA E National Championship—and a masterful performance by Group 44’s Paul Brand.

An unfortunate rollover punctuates some great racing in the D Production National Championship—it’s like watching online racing on Forza.

The final event of this particular weekend in 1980 at Road Atlanta featured the slowest cars being rocked together door-to-door in the closest action you’ll see on any track with both left and right turns. AMC Pacers, Volkswagen Golfs…left completely stock!

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8 years ago

Watched the 1980 D production National – What a great race. All three drivers in the hunt, with Doc Bundy winning. Amazing driving, amazing cars. Thanks!

Mark Coughlin
Mark Coughlin
8 years ago

I was head of Racing for Valvoline in the late 80’s and 90’s. We did TV quality productions every year of every class of the ValvolineRunoffs. Petrolicious, you should contact Valvoline and see if they will release them to you. The had a lot of feature work in them, too.

We also did Indy 500 movies on film through the 80’s and early 90s with Car & Track Productions and later with Hammond Productions in Lexington, KY. You should see if they’ll release them, too. They are really well done.

oldSCCAguy yah
oldSCCAguy yah
8 years ago
Reply to  Mark Coughlin

Mark Coughlin, I actually have a few of those Runoffs videos uploaded on YT as well. They were great! I am begging that Petrolicious does *not* contact Valvoline. I am fully aware that posting up most of the videos I have is out in the ‘grey area’ when it comes to copyright. But I’m hoping that keeping everything on the “down low” will allow my stupid little “accidental” (it was only intended to be a file host for stuff I was posting to a Facebook group, and got out of control after people started subscribing) YT channel to survive. I’m not monetizing anything over there, I just want people to be able to see the videos.

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