Journal: 7 Singers In One Place Is Almost More Than We Can Handle

7 Singers In One Place Is Almost More Than We Can Handle

By Michael Banovsky
August 24, 2016

Singer Vehicle Design’s reimagining of the Porsche 911 has been one of the most hotly-coveted machines to ever hit the streets. Seeing one is something worth starting a diary for, but 7 at once? That’s something entirely different.

Photographer Drew Philips was on hand at a Singer party during the Monterey Car Week, and captured the tiny differences, refinements, and styling touches applied to each of Singer’s projects. If you could take just one home, which would it have been?

You can follow Drew’s work on Instagram, Facebook, and on his website.

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David Ardley
David Ardley(@wile7)
4 years ago

Well, I love them and the mentality the Singer team apply to the marque….although financially for me it’s all a tad academic. That said, and I know some won’t agree, the Targa edition is stunning in my opinion. That would be my choice. In what colour? Not sure but maybe white, pale blue or bright green….?

5 years ago

Well, I wish I had one. There is a measure about Singer Porches that strikes a perfect balance. You look at a car and you feel that nothing you could add or take away to make that car better. Not sure why have 7, but If I could afford one, I would most definitely have them do it up for me.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
5 years ago

Gotta be honest here . I’ve lost interest in all things Singer of late .. be it one …seven or a hundred and seven . Over the last few months what with less than 1 degree of separation the shine’s beginning to dull and the mask is rapidly falling to the wayside showing Singer’s Porsche recreations for what they are .Over priced fashion accessories for the non- discerning well heeled consumer in desperate need to recreate a past they barely comprehend when for the same price they could of had something truly custom [ rather than customized stock ] one of a kind and bespoke with vastly superior performance built .

Stephen Fitzgerald
Stephen Fitzgerald(@monovich)
5 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

That’s nice, and no doubt accurate according to your life filter, but I don’t look at them the same way. I don’t care about the clients and buyers, I care about the passion and craftsmanship behind the team that created them. The most accurate summary of Singer is the collective response to the cars. No other Porsche evokes the response these cars do, and that is because they are special.

The Stig
The Stig(@thestig)
5 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

Agree, especially when Singer outsources most of the car to be built. Those other little shops in the valley that do the work are the true artists.

Tony Karnezis
Tony Karnezis(@spartacus)
5 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

The critiques you mention were evident from the beginning, so I’m sincerely curious what turned you off considering your flowing praise only a few months ago. I think your quote below nicely summarizes what I love about them. (And what is this slim degree of separation of which you have spoken twice?)

” … given the choice between a bespoke Singer with more than enough power and handling to be exciting on public roads … versus an off the assembly line [ albeit perhaps slightly personalized for a hefty price ] over powered Ferrari , Lamborghini or McLaren thats are so over powered and over nannified to the point of being abjectly boring on the road that everyone with a checkbook can buy … I’ll take a Singer … hands down and on any day of the week.”

“[ Full discloser ; I am a blatant and unrepentant fan of Singers work … not to mention having less than one degree of separation between them and myself ]”

John Cochran
John Cochran(@jcochran)
5 years ago

Gorgeous cars. I believe it was the Norway car I saw driving down Hwy 1 with his frunk popped, tried to wave and get his attention but he wouldn’t look over. Hope it didn’t fly open!