Journal: A Company You Never Heard Of Is Building An Electric Version Of The Classic Porsche 911

A Company You Never Heard Of Is Building An Electric Version Of The Classic Porsche 911

By News Desk
July 12, 2019

Dutch company Voitures Extravert has been hard at work developing its electric-powered 911, the Quintessenza. First revealed early last year in limited numbers (just five were built), it was met with such a positive reception that Voitures has decided to put it into slightly less limited production, and a run of 36 cars is planned this time. Purists may balk at the idea of chopping up a rare ‘60s 911 so they can rest somewhat easier in the knowledge that the cars are actually based on 1980s models that are modified to look like their earlier counterparts.

Voitures doesn’t merely stick an electric motor in the trunk and hook it up to a battery pack. The company completely strips the donor car and rebuild and restore it in key areas. Each car gets an updated power steering system, modern air-conditioning and a redesigned suspension system.

The 58 kWh battery pack provides a claimed 250-mile range and is capable of adding 60 miles of range in just 15 minutes with a fast charger. Strategic placement of the battery pack means that the Quintessenza Electric 911 handles and corners with far more authority than the original although engineering out the quirkiness may not appeal to all. Still, the prospect of having a zero-emission classic to drive in every day may outweigh such concerns.

Performance is strong thanks to a massive 664 lb-ft of torque available at a moment’s notice, while the 222hp power output gives the car a sub six-second 0-60mph time. The top speed is capped at 112mph. The interior retains much of the original’s switchgear, the most noticeable difference being the digital dashboard, which has fully customizable binnacles. Voitures Extravert offers the ‘60s -styled SE or the ‘80s-look TE models in all original paint colors. Both start at $270,000 before taxes (including a donor car) and can be reserved with a refundable $5600 deposit.

Images courtesy of Voitures Extravert

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Ben Warriner
Ben Warriner
4 years ago

These look really lovely and I’m sure they’re fun to drive as well. I suffer some guilt when I see an oil puddle under my car or calculate my mileage. I just wish there was some kind body kit they could use similar to a Beck 356; it’s a shame chop up a 911.

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