Journal: A Fitting Tribute To The Citroën DS

A Fitting Tribute To The Citroën DS

Michael Banovsky By Michael Banovsky
November 12, 2015

Concept, design and art direction by Counterpoint. Studio and location photography by Oli Tennent.

How does one do justice to a vehicle that defined the careers of so many who worked on it, and won accolades the world over for its revolutionary style and performance? The Citroën DS was a once-in-a-lifetime achievement brought to market by the team who worked on the 2CV, and other groundbreaking vehicles. It’s pretty special.

UK studio Counterpoint knew this, and so when it decided to produce a book to honor the car, no detail could be overlooked. That’s how best to describe the captivating Deity: A Goddess Amongst Us. Over two years was spent getting everything right, from capturing often overlooked details to matching the book’s ink to the car featured within. Oli Tennant provided photography, and automotive writer Jon Pressnell provided words for Deity.

The result is a piece that should help to honor the DS, while being a fresh and contemporary approach to how it’s all put together. If you want a copy, send a note to; price is £25 plus postage. 

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Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

Ahem . When errr .. promoting or reviewing a new book might i suggest that a few ‘ facts & figures ‘ and other pertinent information such as number of pages , photographs etc be included in the write up in order to facilitate the decision process ?

Greg Mack
Greg Mack

I always chuckle imagining my Dad deciding to buy a new DS21Pallas as our “family car” and his daily driver back in ’71. He ran an auto parts store in a small city in the Midwest and his boredom with the Detroit iron for which he most often supplied parts compelled him to find more interesting rides. First, a series of Alfas and then, because the family was growing, or so he explained to my ever practical Mother, the DS. He loved sharing the engineering and execution of the all the details with his gear head buddies and reveled in… Read more »

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

My dad came within a hairs breadth of buying a DS back in the day . Seriously … I was with him and my mom the two times they test drove it as well as came to an agreement and then a couple days later went with him to the dealership [ 5 miles from our town ) when he went write the check , sign the contract and take the car home … until the deal suddenly went south [ I was a little too young to comprehend why and my father refused to divulge the details once I… Read more »