Gear: A New Selection Of Tasteful Goods From The Outlierman Is Now Available In The Shop

A New Selection Of Tasteful Goods From The Outlierman Is Now Available In The Shop

By Andrew Golseth
May 18, 2017

Our friends over at The Outlierman make some pretty tasty goods. The automotive-obsessed lifestyle brand specializes in “accessories for gentleman drivers” and we love the attention to detail in everything they stitch. We’re pleased to announce we’re continuing our collaboration with these like-minded motorists by offering some of their newest items in the Petrolicious Shop, alongside our existing collection of their products.

A collection of classically-styled driving gloves for those seeking a little more grip beyond their tires, and a new tie and complementary pocket square for a dapper way to let people know what you’d rather be doing instead of making small talk. All leather driving gloves, ties, and pocket squares are handcrafted in Italy using the finest materials and assembled with long-lasting durable construction methods.

The driving glove lineup includes five different styles, all of which are offered in a number of color combinations and come with a leather case for storage when not in use.

Bespoke Limited Edition:

As the name would imply, these are simple yet stylish gloves being produced in a very limited number, and they are all made from nappa lambskin and peccary leather. Available in Dark Red/Navy, Cork/Tan, or Dark Green/Conker. In keeping with the name, please note that these gloves are made to order.

The Authentic Race – Ladies:

These back-to-basics fingerless gloves are perforated down the digits for extra ventilation and come in one solid color with a contrasting button-fastened back strap. These gloves are specially-dimensioned for female hands and, like the above, are made from nappa lambskin. Available in Red/Camel, Orange/Black, Green/Black, Mustard/Blue, or Black/Camel.

The Heritage – Gentlemen and Ladies:

Similar in style to the Authentic Race gloves, these full-finger motorsport mittens are perforated for white-knuckle ventilation and come in contrasting two-tone nappa lambskin leather. Available in Black/Crimson or Cobalt/Taupe. These gloves come in a cut for male and female hands.

The Heritage – Stringback:

The Heritage is a fitting name for this pair. With a soft and breathable backside for added comfort, ventilation, and style, these are a supreme combination of utility and vintage style. Made from nappa lambskin and cotton string, these are available in Cognac or Crimson, with an off-white stringback featured on both.

The Posh Tie:

Whether it’s at the office holiday party or a more exciting event with a little higher standard for attire, let your peers know you’re all about the drive with this neck tie featuring profiles of some of the world’s greatest classic cars. This slender tie measures 2.75-inches wide and is made from 100% twill silk. Available in Blue, Bordeaux, or British Racing Green.

The Posh Pocket Square: 

Make that Posh Tie really pop with this matching 100% habotai silk pocket square. Sizing up at 12.9″x12.9″ this jacket accessory features the same pattern as The Posh Tie, and is available in a nice Orange and a lighter Green for contrast, as well as a full-match in the same colors as the tie: Blue, Bordeaux, or British Racing Green.

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Jonathan WC Mills
7 years ago

Of course the tie and pocket square are near and dear to my heart. Excellent.

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