Journal: A Selection Of Instagram-Worthy Sports Cars

A Selection Of Instagram-Worthy Sports Cars

By Petrolicious Productions
July 8, 2015

At Petrolicious, our eyes are drawn most often to European sports cars, and when we’re browsing Instagram, there is usually a steady stream of stunning machinery on display with the #drivetastefully tag. For our roundup this week, we’re featuring some photographers who favor race cars, and others who have shared their scenic countryside jaunts. Want to be featured on Petrolicious? Tag your photos with #drivetastefully on Instagram for the chance to be included in our weekly roundup.

@dancali says, “Take charge,” and we think that’s a great idea—especially with such a beautiful machine on call. @iinstaa_g hit some twisty roads in a BRE Datsun-inspired Nissan 280Z. We can imagine he enjoyed himself! If @jbh1126 says, “Probably the sickest classic #911 I’ve ever seen,” our ears perk up. It certainly looks impressive…

Regular Petrolicious reader (and commenter!) @365daytonafan snapped this great photo of his heirloom Ferrari “Daytona”. Blue sky, blue Porsche, and an open road…is there any better sight? @nbr_911 took this great, simple shot of an earlier 911. We love the Lamborghini Countach, and parked at this historic track, this shot by @soupapes_spotting proves the car still looks stunning today.

@classic_showcase says, “Joyride on PCH.”—and also used the #alfista tag—so how could we not include it? @johnjcampion tagged this great photo of one of our favorite rally cars, saying, “Bringing the 037 out the morning of #RoadtoAmelia”. Finally, @sebdfx was reblogged under the #drivetastefully tag, leading us to this great shot of a Broadspeed Ford Capri. We can just imagine how awesome those side pipes sounded!

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7 years ago

Thanks for featuring my pic guys! She’s my ’71 911T, shot out in the countryside outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. Regards, nbr_911

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