Reader Submissions: Aaron’s Duetto

Aaron’s Duetto

By Petrolicious Productions
October 30, 2012

Whether he’s beating last year’s IRR at his hedge fund by day or waxing poetic over some single malt on the evening’s theatrical performance, Aaron always has one thing on his mind: jumping into his Duetto to get out of Manhattan and reuniting with his surfboard in Montauk. 

What’s the year, make an model of your car? It’s a 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto.

Where did you first meet your Duetto?  In New Canaan, Connecticut. A good friend found it listed online and conspired to get me to go see it.

With this car, is it love or lust?  Love. This car is too much work and maintenance to be lust.

Finish the sentence. Falling in love with an Italian car is like:  A first love—pure and scintillating.

What is the best day you had with this car? My 40th birthday in Amagansett. The weather was perfect and I spent all day cruising around with one of my brothers.

What’s the your favorite journey in the Duetto? Heading east on Old Montauk Highway.

When you talk about the red curvy one, who gets jealous—your car or your date? Definitely my date.

Would you rather be driving or surfing? Tough call, but surfing. For me, nature wins the battle over technology.

Does your surfboard fit in the car? Only my short board does. Ha ha.

What’s something you wish your car had? A new transmission.

What is something you’re glad your car doesn’t have? A stereo. The engine and the wind are music enough.

What’s your outlook on this car? Buy and hold!

Photography by Saam Gabbay for Petrolicious



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Eric Hegwer
Eric Hegwer
10 years ago

While I’m sure there were other times before this, I remember my very first ride in a convertible. It was in a Brown Cadillac, a friend’s father owned. He took us all to the movies. Ever since I’ve had my license, I’ve always owned a convertible. Sometimes Italian, sometimes Brittish, always European. Nothing beats the experience.