Journal: Ad Watch: Porsche = VW?

Ad Watch: Porsche = VW?

By Petrolicious Productions
November 28, 2012

Many critics of the Porsche 911, most notably Jeremy Clarkson, have claimed that the 911 is nothing more than a glorified VW Beetle.

Does this 1966 ad for the Beetle once and for all substantiate these critics’ claim?

The ad is in Italian, and the translation of the headline is as follows:

“Flip it if you want…

The Volkswagen Beetle and Porsche: two aspects of the same vision”.

Do you agree?

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Uwe Eichenauer
Uwe Eichenauer
7 years ago

just an expression of italian envy. best sport cars are made in stuttgart, you don’t have to look way down south. in maranello they never fully understood the difference between a sport car and a racing car.

Jason Lancaster
11 years ago

I think it’s a bit silly to argue that two cars are the “same” because they share some of the same mechanical components. If, for example, two cars share the same frame (like Nick’s comment about the M3 and the 328) – but are tuned, equipped, and priced completely differently – they’re hardly the same in any comparitive sense.

But to argue that the 911 and Beetle are the “same” because they both mount the engine over the rear wheels is like saying a covered wagon and a Chevy Suburban are the same because they both hold a lot of stuff and frequently travel the plains…it’s just silly.

11 years ago

They are the same in that an E91 328xi Touring and an E92 M3 Coupe are the same car.

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