News: Al Capone’s Armored 1928 Cadillac Up For Grabs

Al Capone’s Armored 1928 Cadillac Up For Grabs

By News Desk
January 25, 2020

We recently profiled a Porsche 914/6 GT that sold for almost $1 million, and hinted at a few other cars that would top the million-dollar mark. But what about spending that million on a true piece of history, a car with the provenance of the biggest gangster of the 20th century?

‘Celebrity Cars’, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has for sale a 1928 Cadillac Town Sedan, a lovely old car in great shape. But what sets this one apart from others is that it was owned by none other than the infamous gangster, Al Capone.

Yes, the Al Capone of the Untouchables Chicago saga. What also sets this ’29 Caddy apart from others of its era is that this one was completely armored, made to keep the mob boss safe from assassin and police bullets.

Not only did the body have asbestos-covered armor to keep the boss safe, the glass used is also 1in thick to stop gunfire. On top of that, the side and rear windows raise up to allow a space for Capone’s henchmen to fire back, while inside, a police radio keeps them alert to the coppers’ whereabouts. Even the V8 was modified for more power, to help get them out of jams.

After Capone went to prison for tax evasion in 1932, the car was sold the following year, and went on through a few owners who wanted to exploit the car’s famous ownership but failed. It now resides with Celebrity Cars, who are asking $1 million for the infamous Cadillac, and now stands as one of the first armored personal cars ever.

So, Petrolicious fans, have we finally found a classic car that’s finally worth spending a million dollars on?

*Images courtesy of Celebrity Cars

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