Gear: Alfa Romeo Montreal: The Essential Companion

Alfa Romeo Montreal: The Essential Companion

By Petrolicious Productions
February 15, 2013

Rarely does one buy a reference book for pleasure reading.  Then again, to call Bruce Taylor’s Alfa Romeo Montreal • The Essential Companion a mere reference is akin to calling 2001: A Space Odyssey a sci-fi flick.

This is what happens when a retired CERN PhD decides to focus all his energy and engineering expertise to the one object that drives his passion most.  The result is a beautiful book that feels equally at home on your coffee table, in your garage next to you shop manuals, or on your bed stand.

Dr. Taylor who also runs the most comprehensive and up-to-date Montreal website, is well known in the Montreal community for helping out fellow Montreal owners or owners-to-be, as well as helping organize some of the biggest Montreal events in Europe.

The 16 chapters and five appendices cover just about the entire spectrum of what you would want to know about the Montreal, including:

    •    Comprehensive Montreal History

    •    Buying Guide

    •    Maintenance (both mechanical and bodywork)

    •    Improving the Montreal

    •    Race Preparation

    •    Montreal Automobilia – including old advertising, books, art, and more

    •    Technical and Production Specifications

In addition to being one of the most comprehensive books dedicated to a single car model, two qualities truly make this book stand out.  First, the rich set of color photographs, both archival and recent, that fill the pages render this book beautiful enough to be displayed proudly on a coffee table. Second, Dr. Taylor’s clear writing style combined with the  practical diagrams and photos make the technical instructions of the book very easy to follow.

One clearly does not need to be a Montreal owner to appreciate this book.  A passion for good design or automotive history is all that’s needed for anyone to enjoy this Essential Companion.

Alfa Romeo Montreal – The Essential Companion

Author: Bruce Taylor

Publisher: Veloce Books

Hardback • 210mm wide x 280mm tall • 950 colour and monochrome pictures • 320 pages

ISBN: 9781845841584

Buy it here.

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Zippy Gordon
Zippy Gordon
11 years ago

…on my wish list.

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