News: Alpine Turns Up The Heat With Its Sharper And More Powerful A110S

Alpine Turns Up The Heat With Its Sharper And More Powerful A110S

By News Desk
June 18, 2019

The Alpine A110 proved to be much more than just another copycat entrant in the burgeoning sports car segment when it was launched in late 2017. This was partly due to the fact that it made the most of the type of intelligent lightweight construction principles that so many other manufacturers have just been paying lip service to. Its road-biased suspension set-up also gave the mid-engined A110 superb handling on the types of uneven, bumpy roads that would unsettle most of its heavier, stiffly sprung rivals.

The 249hp 1.8-liter turbocharged inline-four gives the 2432-pound sports car excellent straight-line performance and there is little to fault with the quick-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch transmission either. In terms of driving excitement, then, there is precious little wrong with it, yet Alpine has just released the A110S, a variant they claim improves on the already impressive standard model.

First off, power is now up to 288hp and, while the 236lb-ft of torque remains the same as before, it is available over a broader rev range. The 0-62mph sprint is now completed in 4.4-seconds, just a tenth quicker than the standard car can manage but the improved power delivery is more relevant in real-world situations.

New wheels, orange calipers and an optional carbon fiber roof are now available too, as well as a new exterior color—Gris Tonnerre—with the interior getting Dinamica upholstery and an upgraded sound system. That pliant suspension has also been tightened up with stiffer springs and anti-roll bar settings. While that should give it a sharper feel on smooth surfaces it remains to be seen whether it will have a detrimental effect on how it absorbs less than perfect tarmac.

Alpine claims that the new model is engaging to drive at all speeds while still being comfortable in everyday use, and that it remains faithful to its underlying principles of lightweight engineering, compact dimensions and performance through agility.

Alpine managing director Sébastien Erphelin said, “The A110S delivers an intense Alpine driving experience. From the very inception of the Alpine project it has been our intention to offer different versions of the A110 with handling and performance characteristics of their own.”

The extra power and stiffer suspension will definitely give the A110S a different character, hopefully one that customers will feel is worth the €66,500 ($75,000) starting price that it costs in Europe. Interested parties can already reserve their A110S online and deliveries should begin before the end of the year.

Images courtesy of Alpine

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Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson
4 years ago

I was hoping you’d say the 110S was getting a manual transmission and coming to America! Dream on………