News: AMG Debuts 2,700hp Cigarette Boat With Matching G63

AMG Debuts 2,700hp Cigarette Boat With Matching G63

By News Desk
February 16, 2020

Mercedes-AMG has revealed its latest collaboration with Cigarette Racing Team for an outrageously powerful and fast boat. There’s also a fancy carrier for your keys, too, with a matching G63 Cigarette Edition.

Unveiled at the Miami Boat Show this month, the 59-foot Tirranna AMG boat sports six Mercury Racing outboards, each a 4.6-liter supercharged V8 that make 450hp, for a total of 2,700hp; that’s good for 80mph (close to 130kph) on the water. It features a gyrostablizer in the hull to limit roll, and twin thrusters to help dock this massive beast.

Despite a healthy use of carbon fiber in the construction, the Tirranna AMG still comes in at 20 tons. But it also comes with a bit of luxury; it fits 26 people, has a king-sized bed and shower in the hull, a sofa and television and a 5,200-watt sound system with 29 speakers.

The matching AMG G63 Cigarette Edition may not have such amenities, but it does sport a 4.0-liter V8 with 577hp and a special metallic black exterior with matching gold accents, like the boat. The interior is swathed in Macchiato beige and dark-blue leather with Cigarette logos placed subtly around the cabin.

Unfortunately, even with 577hp, the G63 isn’t enough to tow the boat and trailer. How about making a matching F-350 instead?

*Images courtesy of Mercedes-AMG

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Munna Kabir
Munna Kabir
2 years ago

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