Journal: An Alfa Romeo 2000 Coupe Feels like Freedom

An Alfa Romeo 2000 Coupe Feels like Freedom

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
September 9, 2013

Florent Marvier was born and raised in southwest France, in Dordogne. He now lives in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he works as an art piece maker. He owns and daily drives a 1975 Alfa Romeo 2000 Coupe, designed by Bertone. 

Q: How did you become interested in cars?

A: My interest comes from my father and his father before him: My grandfather was a mechanic, and he was also a big car fan—he drove motorbikes and built tourism planes. My father loves all the old cars as well. So it’s a family thing.

Q: How did you come to find this Alfa Romeo?

A: I was looking to find an old car. Since I love the Italian style, I happened to visit an Alfa Romeo seller, and I found this beautiful one. It wasn’t planned, but I fell in love.

Q: How did you know it was the right car for you?

A: You’d have to come inside and you’ll see for yourself! As soon as I sat inside, it just felt right—the noise, the driving sensation, the position. The noise is very unique.

Q: What is your favorite place to drive your Alfa?

A: On the small roads in Dordogne during the summer. I enjoy driving it around the castle and the medieval villages, and through forests where there aren’t many people and the air is nice.

Q: What is it like to drive this car?

A: It’s like being really free—it’s really good for my mind. When driving, I can’t hear anything else except the sound of the car, and it feels like there is part of the past there too. I always smile while I drive this car.

Q: What do you love about your 2000?

A: Everything, except that it doesn’t like rain. Sometimes the engine shuts down when the road is too wet. Also, the gasoline smell sometimes disturbs my passengers, especially when I start pushing the car a bit.

Q: What is the car scene like where you live in Switzerland?

A: There are a lot of vintage cars shows, but I don’t really participate in them.

Q: Do you work on the car yourself?

A: Not really, I only do basic stuff, but I found some passionate people who help me find pieces. We are like a circle: we ask everyone for glass pieces, fairings, seats, mechanical pieces,

whatever. A lot of these guys are in Italy, so we don’t get together physically, but we always help each other out. I like that.

Q: How do people react to this car?

A: They first hear the noise! People in the street turn around—they seems to love the car as well, or people come and talk to me. I can leave the car parked along the streets, and no one will disturb it—they show respect to an old lady. It’s kind of cool.

Q: How often do you drive the car?

A: Almost every day! It’s my only car, but I’d love to buy more someday.

Photography for Petrolicious by David Marvier

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For me, Vidmate life is great after life with me.

Martin Kohoutek
Martin Kohoutek

Ok, this is the most beautiful car I have ever seen! I want it 🙂

Mohammad Akbarpour
Mohammad Akbarpour

One of the most beautiful cars ever made! My mind is stuck in these photos! W105/115 is my favorite of all time! I hope to own it one day! EMOTIONAL!!

Andy Cowell
Andy Cowell

It’s strange cause it looks like Laurent Nivalle’s pictures. Anyway, nice pictures.


Nice photos, but wheel rims are really horrible, I would suggest a set of seventy style Cromodora, Campagnolo, or BWA

C Helme
C Helme

The wheels do seem too modern a design for its lovely shape.

Antonio Rosciglione
Antonio Rosciglione

Nice story with beautiful photos of a beautiful car. Still wish I had my Daily Driver 73′ GTV. Never had problem in the rain or the snow with mine.


I have a gtv with that same engine but the later 116 series. The noise is very addictive and its got a lovely roar with trumpets 🙂



Rims is all a matter of personal preference, but the sound of those cars!!!
You just HAVE to love that…..

Erwan Brillot
Erwan Brillot

Very nice story, and most of all, very nice car !

Still, I disagree with the choice of the rims, but what a great car, my number one choice when I’ll have some money. But, 2000 with the big engine or 1750 with some nice details like the front seats which are beautiful? Hummmm, complicated choice 🙂

Clayton Merchant
Clayton Merchant

Nice blurb on the Alfa, but I just had to say that Florent has an uncanny resemblance to Ray Dorset of Mungo Jerry fame back in the day. 🙂

Emmanuel von Hartman
Emmanuel von Hartman

Very nice little portrait.
Just a detail: Dordogne is a département and not a town.