Journal: An Upcoming Feature Film Will Chronicle The Life Of Ferruccio Lamborghini And His Rivalry With Ferrari

An Upcoming Feature Film Will Chronicle The Life Of Ferruccio Lamborghini And His Rivalry With Ferrari

Alex Sobran By Alex Sobran
May 11, 2017

We’ve just heard that work is underway on a Ferruccio Lamborghini biopic. The feature film will tell the story of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s ascendance from a tractor manufacturer to the founder of a supercar company that challenged his countrymen in Maranello. Indeed, the rivalry between Ferruccio Lamborghini (to be played by Antonio Banderas) and Enzo Ferrari (Alec Baldwin) cannot be left out of such a story, and we’re willing to guess that the duo’s dual will provide the movie’s most cogent scenes.

Though a ways away from release yet—we will be sure to keep you in the loop—the project originated when the rights were optioned to Ferruccio’s son’s book, Ferruccio Lamborghini: La Storia Ufficiale, and a cut of the film will likely be shown around the festival circuit at events like Cannes before making its way to larger distribution.

Theatrical releases on the subject of the automobile have certainly spanned the range of quality: in 2013, we were treated to Ron Howard’s Rush—the deftly told tale of the Nicki Lauda and James Hunt rivalry—and in 2001 a little franchise called The Fast and the Furious had its humble beginnings of VCR thefts by way of glowing gangs of Honda Civics. Very different tales of course, though both did their part in bringing cars to the forefront of films rather than leaving them relegated to sporadic chase scene duty or visual symbols of wealth.

Though we’re happy to see any enthusiasm for the automobile make its way through the throngs of studio bureaucracy onto the big screen, we can still pick favorites. It’s a safe bet to assume we all prefer the historical accuracy and the allure of a true story like Rush to the brashly over-the-top explosions and fistfights of Fast, and the upcoming Lamborghini biopic has us hopeful for more of the former. With the leading parts in capable hands, an Academy Award-nominated director (Michael Redford), and an Academy Award-winner writing the screenplay (Bobby Moresco), the team that’s signed on so far is more than capable of delivering the film that the story deserves.

The film is being produced by AMBI Media Group.

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Philip Phil
Philip Phil

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Mirko Cocco
Mirko Cocco

Find out about the life and works of Ferruccio Lamborghini by his son and grandson at their family museum and driving the one and only Ferruccio’s Miura

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer

Just three or so years ago there were reports of an Enzo Ferrari biopic with (supposedly) Robert De Niro as the star. Now it’s Alec Baldwin eh? Ah…..Hollywood.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

” Rush ” ? Accurate and true ? Yeah well … not really . Try reading the actual history and then comparing it to the Hollywood Ron Howard overly dramatized and fictionalized .. and then tell me how ‘ true ‘ ” Rush ” was . Oh it was loosely based on something resembling the truth … but the fact is it was more fiction than fact . Honestly I cringed thru every second of that film knowing how fictionalized it was So here’s hoping this film can stick to the facts … rather than 90% of the fiction about… Read more »

Martin Philippo
Martin Philippo

Sex sells, ad so does dramatisation. What can’t be sold can’t be made.